RSTLD Electromagnetic Flowmeter

Electromagnetic Flowmeter Compact or Remote

Working principle of Electromagnetik Flowmeter explainable with Faraday's Law.According to Faraday’s Law located in a magnetic field and because of current passing through over occurring voltage is directly proportional with speed of this conductor .Was placed a straight pipe into magnetic field is produced by field coil.Contacting electrods with liquids is placed with 90 ° right angle to magnetic field. In this way it has been supplied taking voltage measurements which parameters of speed.Measured voltage is indicavite of the passing flow.Because area constant in the pipe.

Electromagnetic Flowmeters are the most preferred products in the flow measurement with condition that conductive of the fluid. Because of absence of moving parts in the interior structure, fluid will not corrode can be selected from materials of the internal coating, not causing lost of pressure and shows excellent performance is preferred in many areas. Electromagnetic flowmeters show the instant and total passing flow amount and transfer the flow information to automation system or existing process by producing electrical signals.

Application Areas of Electromagnetic Flowmeter
  • Treatment Plants
  • Chemical, Petrochemical Sector
  • Food Sector
  • Textile Sector
  • Paper Production Sector
  • Plants
  • Water Distribution Networks
  • Agricultural Irrigation Sector
Technical Documentation
Technical Properties of Electromagnetik Flowmeter
  • Connection Diameter : DN10......DN2000
  • Measurement Range : 0,0282........136847 m³/h
  • Display : LCD Display
  • Output : 4-20mA, Puls, Frequency
  • Precision : 0,5 % O.D
  • Pressure: 40 Bar en çok
  • Temperature : -20.....+150C
  • Fluid : Conductive Liquid ≥5 μS/cm
  • Protection Class : IP 67
  • Electrode : 316 L stainless steel, (Titanium, Hastelloy C, Hastelloy B, Tantalium optional)
  • Communucation : RS485, Hart, Profibus ( opsiyonel)
  • Interior Covering : Hard rubber, PTFE