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Turbine flowmeter is a very important product for detecting air and gas flow rate. In this article, we will discuss in detail what a turbine flowmeter is, how it works and what types there are.

Turbine flowmeter is a product that detects the flow rate of liquid or gas passing through it. Turbine type flowmeters can be used in many different areas, especially in businesses working in the field of water treatment or source water production. As the name suggests, the flowmeter measures the flow rate of the fluid. The word turbine is related to how this flow measurement is made.

Turbine Flowmeter Working Principle

There is a turbine inside our pipe type flowmeter. As liquid or gas flows, this turbine moves and starts to rotate. There is a reversible rotor movement here. Consider dc motors that produce electricity. Here, some electrical signals are produced by the rotating turbine with the same working principle. Since the flow speed is directly proportional to the rotation of the rotor, the faster the rotation, the faster and stronger the flow. By means of the signals produced in the rotor, the flow rate of the gas and liquid passing through our flowmeter can be determined.

To put it simply, this device is a type that detects flow intensity by converting mechanical energy into motion energy. Turbine flowmeter types are generally not preferred in gas types because their bearings wear out. However, they provide very good efficiency in clean, low viscosity fluids that flow at a medium speed and constant rate. For this reason, they are used and preferred quite often.

Flowmeter Types
The most important issues to consider when choosing turbine type flowmeters are precision and durability. There are products of different prices and qualities in the market. The most preferred and high quality of these products are the Trigas and Henke brand Precision Turbine Flowmeter types sold by RST Elektronik. You can see the main varieties in the list below:

  • Stainless Steel Flanged Type
  • Trigas Turbine Flowmeters
  • Henke DW-FS Type
  • Stainless Steel Threaded Type
  • Immersion Type
  • PVC Body
  • FlowX3 Ultra Low Turbine Flow Meter
  • FMTD Series Plastic Turbine Flow Meter
  • FMTD 08 Miniature Turbine Flow Meter

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