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Flowmeters with Animations

There is a useful website which demonstrates how flow meters work.

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E-Waste (Electronic Wastes)

elektronik atıklar - e atık

E-waste (electronic waste) or English name of the WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) is the name given in one or further containing electric transmission element and it has completed its useful life to the product. address describing the donation of electronic waste r-e-use by recycling and it's a point to the adverts publishing related to these issues.

After completing their life cycle, electrical and electronic products become products considered as electronic waste. In this article, we will talk about the conception of electronic waste and its types. We'll examine in detail whether similar substances have any detriment to the terrain or health.

Definition and Why It's Important

Electronic waste; It's the general name given to all electronic products that have completed their useful life, whose repair costs exceed their own costs, which have no chance of being repaired, and whose certain corridor are oppressively damaged.

If we look at it from another standpoint, these circuits may contain numerous environmentally dangerous substances, . There are also electronic wastes that may harm the terrain if mixed with soil or water. For these reasons, it has come important to disassociate electronic waste and not throw it directly into the trash.

There is some examples of E-waste

Electronic waste is around us, indeed if we do not realize it. Everyone has had such a waste product at least formerly.

  • Large household items (Major appliances)
  • Small household appliances (Kitchen robots, etc)
  • IT and telecommunication equipment
  • Consumer equipment
  • Lighter equipment
  • Electrical and electronic equipment
  • Toys, entertainment and sports equipment
  • Medical devices
  • Monitoring and Control Instruments
  • Vending machines

It's possible to increase similar exemplifications more and more. As you can see, from the white goods in the kitchen to the phone in our hand, from the drill we use to the lamp in our living room, they're all campaigners for electronic waste.

What does e-waste include?

We talked about what comes to mind when Electronic Waste is mentioned, but there are some accoutrements that make these products dangerous or need to be reclaimed. These circuits don't always have to harm health or the environment. They're frequently reclaimed for profit, performing in nice gains.

  • Precious Metals (Circuits may contain precious metals such as gold, silver, copper, aluminum, etc.)
  • Hazardous Metals (Mercury, beryllium, arsenic etc.)
  • Halogens
  • Plastics

These materials are the main reasons for separating waste. Some are collected as waste for profit purposes, while others are collected to protect the environment.

Free 3D Drawing and Modeling Program

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