Diffusion Type Gas Detector DA-90-10

DA-90-10: Advanced On-Site Gas Detector and Transmitter

The DA-90-10 is a sophisticated on-site gas detector and a digital transmitter featuring a microprocessor at its core. This advanced device is designed to identify a wide range of combustible and toxic gases present in industrial settings. Not only does it promptly display gas concentrations, but it also converts this data into a 4-20㎃ standard current signal for seamless transmission to various external devices such as PLCs, DDCs, and recorders. These capabilities empower you to create a comprehensive and expansive gas monitoring system with ease. In the event that gas concentrations surpass predetermined alarm levels, the device triggers both a visual light bar and an audible buzzer automatically. The DA-90-10 further enhances safety with RS-485 communication and gas leakage alarm signals provided through relay contact outputs.

Key Features:

  • Advanced Digital Processing Our cutting-edge digital processor, integrated into a microprocessor, delivers a host of intelligent functions, enhancing your gas detection environment with increased convenience, accuracy, and efficiency.
  • Self-Diagnostics The digital processor provides automatic sensor signal diagnosis, promptly issuing a 2mA error signal in the event of sensor malfunctions, ensuring the reliability of your system.
  • Illuminated Gas Concentration Display The gas concentration is prominently displayed on an FND (fluorescent numerical display), ensuring easy visibility even in low-light environments.
  • User-Programmable Menu Customize your device with ease by programming calibration density and detection ranges, tailoring it to your specific operational needs.
  • Versatile Output Options Choose from a variety of output signals, including DC 4-20mA, two-step relay contacts, and optional RS-485, to seamlessly integrate with diverse devices and equipment for superior networking capabilities.

Technical Properties:

  • Detection Principle: Electrochemical
  • Response Time: Within 10 seconds, 90% of Full Scale
  • Detectable Gas: Carbon Monoxide (CO), 0-1000 ppm
  • Accuracy: ≤ ± 2% Full Scale
  • Selectable Functions: Calibration Density, Detection Range Setting
  • Input Power: AC 220V, 60Hz
  • Output Power: 4-20mA/Full Scale, Transmission Range of up to 2.5km
  • Alarm:
    • Low Alarm (AL1) LED (Red)
    • High Alarm (AL2) LED (Red)
    • Light Bar - Buzzer LED (Red)
  • Alarm Method:
    • Visual Alarm - Light Bar
    • Audible Alarm - Buzzer (90dB at 1m)
  • Operating Temperature & Humidity: -20℃ to 60℃, 5-95% RH (Non-Condensing)
  • Alarm Release: Manual and Automatic Release
  • Alarm Output: Two-step (AL1/AL2) Alarm Relay Contacts, RS-485 (Optional)
  • Mounting Type: Wall Mounting
  • Density Indication: Percentage (%)

These specifications ensure the effective and accurate detection of carbon monoxide (CO) with various alarm options and communication capabilities.