Diffusion Type Gas Monitor DA-100

DA-100: Advanced Diffusion Gas Monitoring Solution

The DA-100 stands as the sentinel against combustible and toxic gas threats, swiftly detecting any leakage. It seamlessly transmits a standard 4 ~ 20mA electric current output signal, effortlessly linking with a spectrum of controllers, including the cutting-edge gas leakage warning device (GMS-1000/1500/2000), PLC, DDC, or MMR, creating an unparalleled gas monitoring ecosystem.

Key Features:

  1. Digital Mastery: Our in-built microprocessor empowers the DA-100 with a suite of artificial intelligence functions, guaranteeing an operation that's both seamless and sophisticated.

  2. Auto-Calibration Expertise: Enjoy the convenience of one-touch auto-calibration, facilitated by the digital process, encompassing zero calibration and span calibration.

  3. Reliable 4-20mA Transmitter: The standard electric current output signal (4-20mA) ensures a stable transmission over impressive distances, reaching up to 2.5km.

Elevate your gas monitoring experience with the DA-100, where precision meets innovation. Your safety is our paramount concern.

  • Detection Principle: Catalytic, Electro-Chemical, NDIR, or PID
  • Gas Sampling: Diffusion Type
  • Target Gas: Please refer to the target gas list.
  • Measurement Range: %LEL, PPM, %vol
  • Response Time: Within 20 seconds, 90% of Full Scale
  • Accuracy: ≤±2% of Full Scale
  • Sensor Displacement: Zero - ≤±1%LEL every 6 months, Span - ≤±1%LEL every 6 months
  • Calibration: One-Touch Auto Calibration
  • Input Power: DC 20~30V
  • Output Signal: 4~20mA/Full Scale - 2.5km Transmission
  • Operating Temperature & Humidity: -30℃60℃, 595% RH (Non-Condensing)
  • Signal Cable: CVVS & CVVSB 1.5sq x 3 Wire - Shield Type
  • Conduit Tube: 1/2” or 3/4” PF, NPT
  • Installation Type: Wall or Pipe Station
  • Casing Material: Cast Aluminum Alloy
  • Explosion-Proof Approval: EX d IIC T5 - KGS

These specifications guarantee precise, reliable gas detection for your safety and peace of mind.