IR Gas Sensor DA-750

Gas Sensor Devices | Industrial Gas Detectors DA-750

DA-750 is your vigilant protector against the peril of toxic and combustible gas leaks in industrial settings. With its built-in micro pump ensuring continuous gas sampling, it's an ideal choice for closed areas. This cutting-edge device effortlessly converts digital signals into a 4-20mA standard current output, connecting seamlessly with PLCs, DDCs, recorders, and more to create a comprehensive gas monitoring system. DA-750 offers RS-485 communication and gas leak alarm signals through relay contacts, bolstering your safety. With DC 4-20mA standard output, it achieves long-distance signal transmission up to 2.5km, while RS-485 communication covers distances up to 1km. Stay secure with DA-750.


  • Auto-Suction Marvel: Experience continuous gas sampling via the built-in micro pump, perfect for enclosed spaces.
  • Enlightening LCD Display: Real-time gas density display on an LCD screen with a convenient backlight for dark environments.
  • Electrifying Isolation Circuit: The built-in isolation circuit safeguards stable sensor operation by preventing electrical noise.
  • 4-20mA Transmitter: Ensure stability and long-distance signal transmission (up to 2.5km) with the 4-20mA output.
  • RS-485 Resilience: Harness RS-485 technology for dependable, long-distance signal communication (up to 1.2km).
  • Alarm Alert: Count on SPST 2-step relay contacts (AL1/AL2) for reliable alarm notifications.

Technical Properties:

  • Detection Principle: Nondispersive Infrared (NDIR)
  • Gas Sampling: Suction Type
  • Input Power: DC 20V~30V (24 V DC Normal) / 250mA (Max.)
  • Sample Gas Volume: 0.2 l/min ~ 2.5 l/min
  • Accuracy: ≤ ±2% of Full Scale
  • Output Signal: 4-20mA DC/Full Scale
  • Density Indication: LCD Display for PPM, %LEL, %vol, or PPb
  • Alarm:
    • AL1 Alarm - LOW LED (RED)
    • AL2 Alarm - HIGH LED (RED)
  • Setting of Alarm Value: 2 Stages for AL1/AL2, User-Adjustable
  • Alarm Delay Time: User-Adjustable from 0 to 99 seconds
  • Alarm Clearing: Manually or Automatically
  • Alarm Output: 2-step Alarm Relay Contact for AL1/AL2
  • Operating Temperature & Humidity: -20℃ ~ 50℃, 5% ~ 95% RH (Non-condensing)
  • Installation: Wall Mounting Type
  • Signal Cable: Shielded CVVS & CVVSB 1.5 sq * 3 Wire
  • Gas Inhaling: 6mm Tube
  • Output Option: RS-485