Flat Type PT100 Temperature Gauges

PT100 Temperature Sensors

PT100 Temperature Gauges (Platinium Resistance Thermometers) measure temperature values between -200°C and + 850°C with high precision.

PT100 Sıcaklık sensors are used to measure temperature values in processes such as Machines, Filling Tanks, Pipes, Gas Environments, Liquid Environments and Surface Measurements.

Technical Documentation
  • PDF l Technical Properties
  • PDF l User Guide
  • PDF l Connection Scheme
Technical Properties
  • Immersion Length: Should be determined according to request of customer.
  • Immersion Diameter: 6mm, 8mm, 10mm (you ask for others)
  • Connection Record: ½”
  • Output Signal: Resistance or 4-20mA
    You ask for other properties