Suction Type Gas Detectors DA-750

DA-750 Gas Detection System: Precision and Safety

The DA-750 is a cutting-edge gas detection system meticulously crafted to safeguard industrial environments against the insidious threat of toxic and combustible gas leaks. This advanced system serves as a critical line of defense for gas producers, users, reservoirs, and more, ensuring proactive accident prevention.

Uniquely, the DA-750 features a built-in micro pump, enabling continuous gas suction—an especially valuable capability for enclosed spaces, further underscoring its efficiency. This state-of-the-art system converts digital signals into a robust 4-20mA standard current output, facilitating seamless transmission to an array of external devices, including PLCs, DDCs, and recorders. This not only expands the scope but also enhances the comprehensiveness of your gas monitoring system.

In addition to its extensive capabilities, the DA-750 offers RS-485 communication and gas leakage alarm signals via relay contact outputs. Furthermore, it boasts a DC 4-20mA standard output that empowers signal transmission across a remarkable 2500 meters from the sensor to the receiver, as well as RS-485 communication signal transmission over an impressive 1000 meters, making it an indispensable tool for comprehensive gas monitoring solutions.


  • Auto-Suction: Our system includes an automatic gas suction feature, perfect for closed spaces.
  • Clear LCD Display: The LCD screen shows real-time gas density, and the backlight ensures easy reading, even in low-light conditions.
  • Electrical Noise Prevention: The built-in isolation circuit safeguards sensor performance from electrical interference.
  • Stable Signal Transmission: With 4-20mA output, you can transmit signals reliably over long distances (up to 2.5km).
  • Efficient Communication: RS-485 allows stable signal communication over extended distances (up to 1.2km).
  • Alarm Outputs: Equipped with SPST 2-step relay contacts (AL1/AL2) for effective alarms.

Technical Properties:

  • Detection Principle: NDIR (Nondispersive Infrared)
  • Gas Sampling: Suction Type
  • Input Power: DC 20V~30V (24 V DC Normal) / 250mA (Max.)
  • Sample Gas Volume: 0.2 l/min ~ 2.5 l/min
  • Accuracy: ≤ ±2%/Full Scale
  • Output Signal: 4-20mA DC/F.S
  • Density Indication: LCD Display (PPM, %LEL, %vol, or PPb)
  • Alarm: AL1 (LOW LED - RED), AL2 (HIGH LED - RED)
  • Alarm Value Setting: AL1/AL2 (User-Adjustable)
  • Alarm Delay Time: 0~99 seconds (User-Adjustable)
  • Alarm Clearing: Manual or Automatic
  • Alarm Output: 2-Step Alarm Relay Contact (AL1/AL2)
  • Operating Temperature & Humidity: -20℃ ~ 50℃, 5% ~ 95% RH (Non-Condensing)
  • Installation: Wall Mounting Type
  • Signal Cable: CVVS & CVVSB 1.5sq*3 Wire (Shield Type)
  • Gas Inhaling: 6Ø Tube
  • Output Option: RS-485