Tempmate Single-Use Temperature Logger GS2 TH

Real Time Recorder | Datalogger for Temperature Measurement

Real-time tracking of your items' progress

  • Get temperature, humidity, shocks, and tilt readings to keep track of how your delicate products are being carried.
  • Get your items localized and learn where they are when an alarm is set off.
  • Immediate email or SMS alarm
  • No matter where in the world your delicate items are, you should be aware of their current state.

The Tempmate GS2 gives you a variety of configuration choices, so you can easily customize each device to meet your needs. You can choose between three distinct devices and whether a lithium or non-lithium battery is necessary for the device's operation. You can eventually set up the parameters required for your monitoring in the Tempmate cloud, customizing the device to meet your demands from the outset.

You can count on an alarm alerting you in real-time, and you can closely follow your shipment using the tempmate cloud. The inbuilt light and shock sensors also provide information on the state of your items, in addition to temperature and relative humidity. Are you concerned about your private information? Through user management in the Tempmate cloud, you are the only one who can control who has access to the evaluations.

You are not simply holding a highly developed piece of hardware in your hands when you purchase a Tempmate GS2. Additionally, you gain access to the tempmate cloud, which you can use to parametrize your devices and closely track your deliveries. Additionally, you gain global* connectivity with the already-installed data package without having to put up with extra third-party contract fees or protracted contract periods.

With your temporary GS2, you can rest easy knowing that your goods are handled carefully at all times. The tempmate GS2 is your trustworthy partner in humidity, light incidence, localization, and extreme temperature ranges from -200°C to +100°C, in addition to monitoring the temperature of your items. Additionally, data loss is no longer an issue because of the USB export feature. As a result, you can deliver highly delicate goods without fear.

There are many dangers involved in sending goods to the other side of the world. To make sure that these dangers do not become your worries, monitoring with the help of the Tempmate GS2 does not stop when the goods leave your warehouse. Thanks to
state-of-the-art communication technology, this device offers you worldwide LTE 4G connectivity with a 2G fallback to avoid network-related outages. The integrated automatic flight mode even makes air transport possible.

Your consignment is in good hands with just a single button press. The tempmate GS2 instantly starts sending periodic information about the state of your items to the free tempmate cloud once it has been turned on. Even individual device registration and configuration may be completed in a few easy steps, allowing you to rapidly return to spending your important time on routine duties without having to worry about security.

You have the option to do global real-time monitoring of all pertinent data with the tempmate GS2. You can establish personal alarm thresholds to receive real-time notifications. As a result, damage may be precisely localized and recognized. Your internal procedures and transportation routes can be optimized with continued use. You can always keep tabs on the state of your items thanks to global connectivity and cloud support. Thanks to the sensitive sensors, alarm messages are instantly recognized and sent to the tempmate cloud. You will then receive an alarm right away. Our dream team of hardware and software keeps you informed, whether you want to track temperature, relative humidity, or light intensity.


  • No unforeseen fees
  • No set duration.
  • Complete command of the transportation
  • Pleasant user interface
  • Early warning leads to cost savings.
  • Specific setup
  • Centralized device management
  • Simply managing users
  • Full cargo picture

Technical Properties:

  • Monitored information: Temperature, rel. Humidity, Light, Tilt, Shock, Location
  • Battery type All the variation available in Lithium and Non-Lithium option
  • Temperature Range: -30°C to +70°C
  • Temperature Accuracy ±0.3°C (-10°C ~ 45°C) , ±0.5°C (Other)
  • Temperature Resolution 0.1°C
  • Humidity Range 0% to 100%rH
  • Humidity Accuracy ±3% (20% ~ 80%) , ±5% (Other)
  • Resolution Humidity 1%
  • Ambient Light 0 to 10000lx / Accuracy 0.01lx
  • Resolution Ambient Light: 1 lx
  • Shock Indicator: Shock detection (8 levels of shocks)
  • Tilt Indicator: Tip-over detection (change of tilt > 90°)
  • Local Data Storage Capacity 24,200 values for Temperature, Humidity and Light
  • Shelf-Life: Lithium Battery devices : 16 months shelf life
  • Non-Lithium Battery devices: 15 months shelf life
  • Battery Lithium Battery: Li-ion Polymer Battery 2400mAh
  • Non-Lithium Battery: Ni-MH Battery 2000 mAh
  • External Sensor Available with the TE Model
  • Log Interval User defined: 1 min. to 60 min. (10 min. as standard setting preconfigured)
  • Transmission Interval User defined: 10 min. to 1440 min. (240 min. as standard setting preconfigured)
  • Recording Duration: With standard log interval of 10 min. and transmission interval of 240 min:
    Lithium Battery: 120 days
    Non Lithium Battery: 90 days
  • Startup Mode By default start by button
  • Stop Mode By default stop by button (optionally via the USB port or the cloud platform)
  • Start Delay User defined: 0 min. to 1440 min. (No start delay as standard setting preconfigured)
  • Protection Class IP65
  • Display Multifunction Display
  • Dimensions 103 x 64 x 23 mm for Lithium and 103 x 64 x 30 mm for Non-Lithium
  • Weight 130 g for Lithium and 175 g for Non-Lithium
  • Certifications CE, EN12830, EMC, RoHS, FCC
  • Validation Certificate Available as PDF in the Cloud
  • Software tempmate - Cloud
  • Report Generation Readable in the Cloud and locally in the device through the USB 2.0 interface
  • Password Protection Cloud Password Protection
  • Connectivity LTE 4G cat 1 with 2G Fallback
  • Automatic Flight Mode: Automatic offline mode during flight (no transmission)
  • Location LBS - GSM Localization
  • Alarm Thresholds Configuration: Up to 6 Thresholds for temperature + up to 6 for Humidity + up to 3 for Light,
    1 for Tilt, 1 for Shock, Alarm Delay Programmable
  • Programmable Via Cloud
  • Alarm Type Single / Cumulative
    Recommended Storage Temperature +15°C to + 25°C
    Case Material Polycarbonate