FX2100H Flow Meter Totalizer

Industrial FX2100H Flow Meter Totalizer

Dimens FX2100H stands as a professional multi-function energy totalizer, renowned for its ability to accurately calculate power consumption based on various fluid mediums. It distinguishes itself with a myriad of advanced features, making it a versatile and indispensable tool for various applications.

Signal Features:

  • Flow Signal: Equipped to support 4-20mA and frequency input, providing both DC24V power distribution for 4-20mA input and a set of input frequency with a group DC12V and DC24V power distribution.

  • Temperature Signal: It readily accommodates two sets of temperature inputs, offering DC24V power distribution and supporting signal types like 4-20mA, PT100, and PT1000.

  • Switch Signal: This system also provides reliable mains failure alarms, ensuring operational continuity.

  • Transmission Output: With support for 4-20mA transmitter output, it offers enhanced data transmission capabilities.

  • Alarm Output: It further features support for a group of relay contact outputs for comprehensive alarm functions.

Flow Sensors:

  • It offers broad compatibility with various throttling devices, including standard orifice plates (featuring flange pressure plates, corner tapping orifice, D and D / 2 to take pressure plate), standard nozzles (such as ISA1932 nozzle diameter nozzle, venturi nozzle), and the standard venturi tube (comprising casting contraction section, machining contraction section, crude iron welding contraction section).

  • The system extends its support to V cone flowmeters, general differential pressure flow meters, and flow meter pulse output current output meters, including 4-20mA vortex and electromagnetic flow meters, as well as linear meters.

  • It is well-suited for pipe flowmeters and mass flowmeters, ensuring flexibility across diverse applications.

  • Universal Pressure Meter flow coefficient K can be generated through two approaches: internal calculations within the meter and user-defined settings. User-defined K coefficients can be segmented, with support for up to 10 segments.

  • The device accommodates differential pressure flowmeters (plates, nozzles, etc.) by offering two operational modes: instrumentation and sensor-driven prescribing.

  • Pulse output flow coefficient K can be segmented for flow meter settings, with support for up to 10 segments for extensive customization.

Fluid Medium:

  • Dimens FX2100H adapts seamlessly to a variety of fluid mediums, encompassing water, liquid (including oil and chemical products), and oil, ensuring versatility across different scenarios.

Trade Settlement:

  • The system emphasizes security through a dual password system, with passwords provided for both the supply-side and demand-side to ensure a safe trade settlement process.

  • With automatic unit conversion capabilities, it enhances user-friendliness and streamlines operations.

  • Dimens FX2100H is equipped to perform small flow complement, allowing real-time monitoring and recording of flow when it falls below the low flow threshold, facilitating automatic cumulative percentage calculations.

  • It also features overrun complement, automatically performing cumulative percentage calculations when the actual flow rate exceeds the predetermined value.

  • In the event of a power outage, it offers complement blackout, accounting for the cumulative amount of loss during the power interruption.

  • The system offers comprehensive flow and energy reporting, recording data on a monthly, daily, and periodic basis, ensuring that valuable information is readily accessible.

Compensation Formula:

  • The device adheres to specific industry standards, with the ability to calculate throttle flowmeter discharge coefficients according to GB / T2624-2006 (ISO5167-2003). It can also calculate expansion coefficients with precision.

  • For gas-related applications, it calculates compressibility factors based on the Redlich-Kwong equation.

  • In the case of superheated steam and saturated steam, it computes density based on the IAPWS-IF97 standard.

  • For natural gas applications, it relies on physical parameters conforming to SY / T6143-2004 standards.

Data Recording:

  • Data recording capabilities include the recording of instantaneous flow, temperature, return temperature, pressure, volume, and frequency transients.

  • Users can select their desired recording intervals, with options including 1 min, 2 min, 5 min, 10 min, 20 min, 30 min, or 60 min to cater to specific data collection needs.

USB Backup:

  • The system simplifies data management and backup through its USB2.0 interface, enabling users to import and export configuration parameters. It supports backup for cumulative reports, historical data, alarm recordings, recording power data, and operating logs. With compatibility for 4GB USB flash drives, data can be seamlessly imported into Excel.

  • Supporting the FAT32 file system, it ensures that Windows can automatically recognize backup data files without the need for format conversion.


  • With standard serial communication interfaces in the form of RS485 and RS232C, the system enables efficient data exchange and communication.

  • It also supports the MODBUS-RTU communication protocol, offering versatility by providing various data types, including one hundred components, engineering data, and cumulative amounts. Moreover, it seamlessly integrates with Dimens















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