Sensors and Detectors

In reality, sensors and detectors play a crucial role in any remote monitoring and control system. They convert environmental parameters into electrical signals, which can be monitored via devices designed for both Ethernet and GSM remote monitoring.

All devices come with a 3-year warranty.

1-Wire Temperature Sensor TST100

Temperature Monitoring Sensor - 1-Wire TST100

1-Wire Humidity and Temperature Sensor TSH202

1-Wire Sensor Supplier - Temperature and Humidity

Compact Humidity and Temperature Sensor TSH202B

Compact Humidity and Temperature Monitor TST202B

Digital Temperature Sensor TST103

Temperature Monitoring Device TST103 Tempmate

Digital Humidity and Temperature Sensor TSH206

High Accuracy Digital Humidity and Temperature Sensors

1-Wire Pt100 Transmitter TST200

1-Wire Temperature Sensor TST200

1-Wire Current Sensor TSC200-15

1-Wire Interface Current Sensor Supplier

1-Wire voltage sensor TSV200-60i

Voltage Measurement Sensor - 1-Ware TSV200-60i

1-Wire Current Loop Transmitter TSA200

Wire Current Loop Sensor TSA200 Supplier

1-Wire Ambient Light Sensor TSL200

Ambient Light Monitoring | 1-Wire Sensors

1-Wire barometric pressure sensor TSP200

1-Wire Barometer | Barometric Pressure Sensors TSP200

AC voltage detector TSV100

Electrical Voltage Detector - TSV100 | AC Voltage Sensing

Precision Temperature Sensor TST300

High-Accuracy Temperature Measurement TST300

RS-485 Humidity and Temperature Sensor TSH300

Humidity and Temperature Monitoring RS-485 Teracom TSH300

2-channel Thermocouple Module | Modbus RTU interface TST320

Dual-Channel Thermocouple | Modbus RTU Interface TST320

S0 pulse counter with MODBUS RTU interface TDI340

Pulse Counting for Industrial Applications - MODBUS RTU TDI340

MODBUS CO2 and Pressure Sensor TSM400-4-CP

Carbon Dioxide Sensors | Modbus | TSM400-4-CP

1-Wire Carbon Dioxide Sensor TSM400-1-CP

Carbon Dioxide Sensor | Digital Sensing Element 1-Wire TSM400

Humidity and Temperature Sensor TSM400-4-TH

Humidity and Temperature Sensors Supplier

CO2, Humidity, and Temperature Multi-Sensor TSM400-4-CPTH

Industrial Automation Systems - Multi Sensor TSM400-4-CPT

Waterproof Temperature and Humidity Sensor TSH230

Temperature and Humidity Monitoring

IP54 Temperature and Humidity Sensor TSH330

IP54-Rated Environmental Monitoring | Temperature & Humidity

1-Wire Temperature and Humidity Sensor TSM400-1-TH

1-Wire Temperature and Humidity Accuracy

Magnetic Door Sensor TSD800

Door Security Sensor | Magnetic Door Sensor TSD800

Smoke Detector TSS8030R

Industrial Smoke Detector TSS8030 Supplier