Ethernet Remote Monitoring and Control

All Teracom devices for Ethernet remote monitoring support a WEB server and at least one graphical user interface based on the M2M protocol. This identifies two main alternatives to their use:
alone or as part of a SCADA system. The graphical user interface (GUI) facilitates standalone use. No special software is required to work with the devices. All settings and subsequent remote monitoring and control are performed in a standard browser (Chrome, Firefox, IE, Opera, etc.).

Energy Monitoring Module TCW260

Module For Monitoring Energy TCW260

TCW242 industrial IoT module

TCW242 Industrial IoT Module | Industrial Solutions

Ethernet IO Module TCW241

TCW241 Ethernet IO Module Supplier

TCW220 Ethernet Data Logger

TCW220 Ethernet Data Logger Systems

TCW280 Analog Output Module

Ethernet Analog Output Modules - TCW280

Humidity | Temperature Data Logger TCW210-TH

Temperature and Humidity Data Loggers TCW210-TH

TCW181B-CM Ethernet Digital IO Module

Digital Module with Ethernet Connection IO - TCW181B-CM

TCW122B-CM Remote IO Module

Easy Setup Remote IO Modules TCW122B-CM

IP watchdog monitoring module TCW122B-WD

TCW122B-WD IP Watchdog Monitoring Module

TCW122B-RR Remote Relay Control Module

Teracom Remote Relay Control Module Supplier TCW122B-RR