Energy Monitoring Module TCW260

Module For Monitoring Energy TCW260

The TCW260 energy monitoring module includes analog inputs, galvanically separated digital inputs, and an RS-485 interface.
The four digital inputs can all be used with S0 devices. Up to 4 energy meters with S0 pulse outputs can be supported by them. Additionally, generic dry contact output (ON/OFF) sensors can be supported by the digital inputs.

You can use the analog inputs in voltage (0/10V) or current loop (0/20mA) modes. They can be coupled to analog output-compatible voltage and current transducers.

The RS-485 hardware interface is used to implement the MODBUS RTU protocol. Up to 24 registers or devices can be supported by the energy monitoring module.

Up to 24 channels can be configured using all primary parameters (digital and analog inputs, as well as MODBUS RTU registers). The channels can be chosen as follows:


  • Voltage, current, or energy monitoring on up to 24 channels; flexible setting of up to 24 categories of alarms;
  • Charts for channels and alarms that are being watched right in the browser;
  • 4 isolated digital inputs that are compatible with the S0 interface (EN 62053-31)
  • Digital input modes for ON/OFF and counters;
  • 0/20mA or 0/10V modes are available on six isolated analog inputs;
  • 24 MODBUS RTU registers can be connected via an isolated RS-485 interface.
  • Web-based configuration and control with password protection;
  • 70000 record data recorder;
  • MQTT assistance;
  • Periodic HTTP post for client-server systems with XML/JSON files;
  • HTTP API instructions; support for SNMP versions 2 and 3;
  • Support for DynDNS, No-IP, and DNS-O-Matic in dynamic DNS;
  • Easy device setup multiplication with backup and restore;
  • Remotely updating the firmware via the web interface.


  • Energy cost optimization systems,
  • Energy consumption management systems
  • Remote monitoring of renewable energy power plants, and general industrial process monitoring are all examples of energy monitoring and targeting for industry.
    Conversion of MODBUS RTU to MODBUS TCP protocol

Technical Properties:

  • Supply voltage, VDC: 10 - 32
  • Maximum current (without RS-485 power), mA: 220 @12 VDC
  • Weight, g: 200
  • Dimensions, mm: 145x90x40
  • Operating temperature range, °C: -20 to +55
  • Operating relative humidity range, %RH: 10 to 80 (non-condensing)
  • Insulation functional, VDC: 1000
  • Maximum voltage applied to digital input, V: +5
  • Maximum drop voltage between S0+ and S0-, V: 1
  • Maximum frequency for digital input in counter mode, Hz: 10
  • Analog input voltage range: 0/10V
  • Analog inputs current loop ranges: 0/20mA
  • Analog input accuracy, %: ± 1