Tempmate Single Use Temperature Datalogger C1

Single Use Temperature Recorder Supplier

The Tempmate -90°C temperature data logger offers unsurpassed dependability and is made to safeguard the integrity of your temperature-sensitive items while they are transported on dry ice.


A quick and affordable way to guarantee the integrity and quality of your items.

  • Dry-ice - temperature control​
  • 90 days - active recording time
  • Direct Contact - with dry ice
  • 6 point - onboard validity certificate

The device is strong, water-resistant, and made for dry ice at -90°C to +70°C. It is adapted to high temperatures.
Probe-Free: designed to fully submerge in the dry ice
Strong housing: shields against shocks and other outside sources

Your Tempmate C1 can accurately track your dry ice transports because it can record temperatures as low as -90°C. For this reason, the entire gadget is designed such that each and every component, whether it be the housing or the electronics, can successfully resist high temperatures ranging from -90°C to +70°C.

With just one button press, you can leave. Your Tempmate C1 will be delivered to you already set up and prepared for usage. You can fully control the device thanks to the straightforward system, which simply has 2 buttons. Your tempmate C1 can be used everywhere and at any time because it doesn't need any more parts. To read out the data, all you need is a PC with a USB connection; PDF and CSV reports are generated automatically.

With the Tempmate C1, customizing a logger to your needs is simple. The free tempbase-Cryo program leads you to the ideal data logger through a straightforward configuration menu. The validity certificate for the device is stored directly in its memory, making it impossible to lose. You can always get information about the current state of your monitoring thanks to the large LCD.

You have the option to respond quickly to departures from your temperature ranges thanks to up to six alarm limit settings that are tailored to your items. As you monitor your tempmate C1, various alarm modes help you customize the alarm settings to the highest level of security. Additionally, the flexible password protection offers you the assurance that only you have access to your crucial data.

The robust housing of your temperature C1 protects your important data not only from extreme temperatures but also from shocks and other external forces. Thanks to the removable protective cap on the USB port, it remains accessible without compromising the protection of the hardware during use. This also applies to the IP protection class of the device.

The customer can fully customize the Tempmate C1 to fit their specific application needs. The device adjusts to your needs and requirements with start and stop modes, log intervals, and alarms. You have a lot of flexibility in scheduling your resources thanks to the 24 months of shelf life and up to 90 days of runtime. Do you intend to deploy several times? You are allowed to start and stop your tempmate C1 several times over the maximum of 90 active days.


It's crucial for a new component to be implemented properly for a process to function properly. Only then are optimizations possible without adding needless extra work to other areas. The broad application possibilities of the Tempmate C1 let you do the majority of the job for yourself. It just has 2 buttons for operation, and all a status request requires is a quick peek at the display.

The list of potential sources of error in your CRYO supply chain seems never-ending and includes various transport routes, loading, delays, packaging, and even human error. Thankfully, his temp C1 can help you with practically every step of the procedure. By doing this, you can identify every crucial junction in your production and supply chain and make adjustments to minimize product loss and maintain high quality standards at all times.

Tempmate C1, your vital data will be kept protected during the entire trip because the case is composed of sturdy material. The device is also CE, EN12830, RoHS, and RTC DO160 certified, making it appropriate for a wide range of applications. The tempmate C1 additionally has the option to program password protection in order to fulfill potential security criteria.

Technical Properties:

  • Model Dry Ice / Low Temperature Data Logger
  • Part Number TC1-000
  • Usage Single-Use / Multi Start/Stop within 90 Days possible
  • Temperature Range -90°C to 70°C
  • Accuracy ±0.5°C (-30°C to 70°C) ±1.0°C (others)
  • Resolution 0.1°C
  • Memory Capacity 20.000 Readings using PDF & CSV (default)
    35.000 Readings using PDF only (optional)
  • Connection USB
  • Indication LCD
  • Battery 3.6V Lithium Battery
  • Runtime Max. 90 days
  • Dimensions 96mm(L) * 44mm(W) * 15mm(H)
  • IP Protection IP65
  • Mark Max. 9 points
  • Alarm Max. 6 points
  • Logging Interval 1 minute-24 hours
  • Start Delay 1 minute-24 hours
  • Report Format PDF/CSV
  • Software Free tempbase-Cryo Software for Windows
  • Certifications CE, RoHs, EN12830, RTC-DO160
  • Shelf-Life 2 Years