Trigas Lisys

Lysis Smart Pickoff

Turbine flowmeters' frequency output is adjusted by the Lysis LSA Series Plug-and-Measure Linearizer/Flow Computer to account for temperature and viscosity effects. Additionally, it scales and linearizes the Temperature and Flow outputs in a number of different formats, including CAN.

Up to 15 meters distant from the flow meter, it can be mounted as a separate module.


  • Open software design with password security that is set by the user. The end user has access to EVERY scaling and programming option.
  • There is never a programming fee. For the duration of the instrument, reprogramming is included in the cost of the flowmeter calibration.
  • Every flowmeter with a Lysis SMART Pickoff (Plug-and-Measure) is compatible with this device.
  • Lysis has access to all signals from the SMART Pickoff as well as the preprogrammed calibration and fluid characteristics data when connected to ANY TrigasDM SMART Pickoff equipped flowmeter.
  • FlowHow+ programming software is user-friendly and has a run-live mode for quick programming and troubleshooting of all accessible features and functions.
  • Several housing and connector configurations are available.
  • Capability for Mass and Volumetric Flow
  • Linearized outputs for flow and temperature
  • Ability to adjust for the effects of temperature and viscosity using UVC and UVCpro
  • For data on flow, temperature, density, and viscosity, sophisticated proprietary interpolation algorithms

No Custumer Lockout

Open software architecture is included with the Lysis electronics, enabling user-defined and managed password protection. The user has full access to all scaling and programming features.