Trigas TriLIN

Reliable Flow Meter Accessory Trigas TriLIN

The frequency signals from Turbine flow meters are amplified, linearized, and scaled by the TriLIN LNA Series Linearizer/Flow Computer. The effects of temperature and viscosity are corrected in real time using patented techniques in the versions with temperature compensation capability, resulting in reliable flow measurement under all circumstances.

Linearization without temperature compensation

TriLIN + T
Linearization + temperature compensation

The device compensates for the medium temperature and the resulting change in viscosity with a connected temperature sensor. From a saved table TriLIN + T retrieves the relationship between temperature and viscosity.

TriLIN+T display
Linearization + temperature compensation + 4-digit display.


RS232 interface
It can be programmed via PC software. The user can independently scale and program his own application.
PT100 input (TriLIN + T)
Pressure input for gas applications
UVC correctable
Mass and standard flow output (for gases) with linear temperature and pressure
Resolution 16 bit