Turbine Type Flowmeters

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The working principle of the turbine flowmeter is very simple. Turbine flowmeters use the mechanical energy of the fluid to rotate an "impeller" (rotor) in the flow tube. The blades in the rotor are angled to convert fluid flow energy into rotational energy. The rotor shaft rotates on bearings. When the speed of the fluid increases, the rotor rotates proportionally faster.

Turbine flowmeter prices are more affordable than other flowmeter types. It provides very good efficiency in clean, low viscosity fluids that flow at a medium speed and a constant rate. However, it is not reliable for steam because its bearings will wear out.

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Stainless Steel Flanged Type Turbine Flowmeter


Trigas Turbine Flowmeters


Henke DW-FS Turbine Type Flowmeter


Henke DW-F Turbine Type Flowmeter


Stainless Steel Gear Type Turbine Flowmeter

TDSS Turbine Flowmeter

Dipping Type Turbine Flowmeter


PVC Body Turbine Flowmeter

FMPV Series Line Type Turbine Flowmeter

FlowX3 Ultra Low Turbine Flow Meter

Ultra Low Turbine Flow Meter

DMS P Series Plastic Turbine Flow Meter

DMS P Turbine Flow Meter

DMS 08 P Miniature Turbine Flow Meter

DMS 08 P Turbine Flowmeter