Diaphragm Solid Level Switches

RST-LZ Solid Level Measurement

Diaphragm Solid Level Switch is attacted side wall of tank.Diaphragm applies a pressure particulate material in the tank when the diaphragm passing the solid level switch. It provide to give contact by providing applied this pressure to the diaphragm is pushed back. Diaphragm solid level switch can be used at unpressurized and open tanks.It is one of the most economical methods at solid level measurement.

Application Areas
  • Food Sector; sugar, hazelnut, seed, coffe, wheat, legumes, grain, fish feed, corn, rice
  • Construction Sector; clay, various granules, sand, gravel, insulation materials, bauxite, ceramic,
Technical Documentation
  • PDF l Technical Properties
  • PDF l User Guide
  • PDF l Connection Scheme
Technical Properties
  • Product Code: RST- LZ11
  • Mounting Type: Vertical
  • Contact Output: 1 x SPDT 15A/250VAC
  • Body Material: reinforced plastic with fiber
  • DiaphragmMaterial: Neopren, Viton or AISI 304 SS
  • Working Temperature: -20…+80C Neopren, -20…150 Viton, -20….+200 SS
  • Working Pressure: Max. 3 bar, 1 Bar for stainless steel
  • Protection Class: IP40