Dimens 320-0.1 Conductivity Sensor: Reliable Industrial Measurements

Dimens 320-0.1 Conductivity Sensor: High-Precision Measurements

An industrial conductivity sensor is a cutting-edge device designed to measure the electrical conductivity of liquids in various industrial processes. It ensures precise and reliable data, contributing to the efficiency and quality of industrial operations.

Dimens Conductivity Sensor - Advanced Features

Key Features:

  • PT1000 temperature probe built-in
  • Optional electrode length: 0.1
  • 316L material with screw connection
  • Ideal for tap water


  • Measuring range: 0-2000μS/cm
  • Temperature probe: PT1000
  • Operating temperature: 0-100℃
  • Maximum pressure: 6bar
  • Installation: Suitable for pipe or flow-through installation
  • Threaded connection: 3/4" NPT
  • Standard cable length: 5m

Elevate precision with Dimens Conductivity Sensors