Fafnir Limit Level Switch 76A / NB220

Precision Control: Fafnir's 76A / NB220 Limit Level Switch

Fafnir's Limit Level Switches are precision-engineered marvels, vital in liquid level management. These devices, often equipped with floats or advanced sensors, play a pivotal role in ensuring the controlled flow of liquid in various industrial applications.

They not only monitor tanks, warehouses, and liquid storage but also trigger crucial actions when specific levels are attained. Picture this: starting a pump, orchestrating valve movements, or initiating processes— all orchestrated seamlessly by these remarkable switches.

Widely embraced across industries, they automate processes, enhance liquid level vigilance, optimize transportation systems, and more. In applications spanning from petrochemical and pharmaceutical to energy systems and mechanical engineering, Fafnir's Limit Level Switches shine. With an array of technical specifications, they deliver reliability and efficiency to meet your specific industrial demands.

Elevate your liquid level control with Fafnir's Limit Level Switches—where precision meets industrial safety and efficiency.

Technical Properties:

  • Brand/Origin: Fafnir / 76A/NB220 (German)
  • Equipment Type: Filling Prevention Thermal Level Electrode
  • Probe Length: Ranges from 100mm to 3 meters
  • Connection: Threaded or Flange
  • Probe Material: Standard Stainless Steel 316 Ti (Options: 316L, Hastelloy, Titanium, Tantalum)
  • Supply Voltage: 24 VDC, 230 V AC, 115 V AC
  • Temperature Resistance: -25°C to +80°C
  • Output Signal: Relay Output
  • Max Pressure: 2 Bar

Usage Places:

  • Chemical, petrochemical, liquid gas, pharmaceutical, laboratory, offshore, shipbuilding, power plants, energy systems, mechanical engineering, process, and drinking water treatment.