AC voltage detector TSV100

Electrical Voltage Detector - TSV100 | AC Voltage Sensing

TSV100 is an AC voltage detector with an optoisolated open collector output. It can detect voltage in two customizable ranges: either from 85 to 250 VAC (default) or from 170 to 250 VAC. The selection of the range is adjustable through an internal jumper, eliminating the need for mechanical components and enhancing the detector's robustness.

This detector employs only electronic components for improved durability, and it features galvanic isolation through the use of an optoisolator on the output. It operates solely on the monitored voltage.

Its applications are diverse and include indicating the presence or absence of line voltage in uninterruptible power supplies (UPS), power supplies, electrical sources, and power lines.


  • Galvanic isolation between AC line and digital output
  • Two customizable AC voltage detection levels, set via a jumper
  • Suitable for both 115 and 230 VAC networks
  • IP30 ingress protection
  • Minimal temperature drift
  • Powered by the monitored voltage only


  • Alerting in case of AC network voltage failure
  • Industrial automation processes
  • Monitoring AC voltage at the input of UPS (uninterruptible power supply)
  • Efficient battery operation for smart consumption management

The detector can be paired with various devices, including the Ethernet IO module TCW241, Ethernet data logger TCW220, Remote IO module TCW122B-CM, GSM-GPRS remote monitoring controller TCG120-4, Ethernet digital IO module TCW181B-CM, IP watchdog monitoring module TCW122B-WD, Remote environmental monitoring module TCW112-CM, and IP watchdog relay board TCW112-WD.

Technical Properties:

  • Working voltage range: 0 to 250 VAC
  • Detection level with open jumper: 85 VAC
  • Detection level with close jumper: (default) 170 VAC
  • Threshold: ±8 VAC
  • Operating temperature range: 0 to +40 °C
  • Dimensions: 85 x 35.1 x 23.5 mm
  • Operating humidity range: 5 to 85 %RH (non-condensing)