Capacitive Level Probe Switch

LSHD-300 Capacitive Level Probe Switch


Capacitive Level Switch is a product that is very effective capacitive-based employees used to measure the level of any kind of dust and coarse particulate solid material in all containers and silos.It is attached to the silo as horizontal and vertical.Level when it came to the point where the product is located, contact output becomes active.Through the detection sensitivity settings can be used in all kinds of powder and coarse solid material.

Using Areas
  • Construction Industry: Plaster, Lime, Fine Sand, Dolomite, Calsite, Plaster-Perlite, Cement, Stone, Coal, Pulverized Coal Dust and so on.
  • Food Sector; feed, seed, flour, salt, sugar and so on.
Working Prenciple

Through the receiving antenna at the end portion of the capacitive level switch particulate matter covering the environment will cause a reduction in radiated RF power. If more greater from the sensitivity settings, consisting this decrease produces output signal.Because of the of each material of dielectric constant differences, desired sensitivity adjustment can be made for each material. From the resulting dust and soil earth is not affected.

Technical Documentation
  • PDF l Technical Properties
  • PDF l User Guide
  • PDF l Connection Scheme
Technical Properties/Electrical
  • Klemens Connection: PG9
  • Detection Delay: 1 sec max
  • Precission: Adjustable
  • Working Frequency: 1,5MHz
  • Supply Voltage: 15..35VDC 1.2W
  • Signal Output: Relay 1 enversor contact AC max. 250V, 2A, 500VA
  • Output of Led: Green Led
  • Protection Class: IP68
Technical Properties/Mechanical
  • Box Material: Aluminum
  • Protection Class: IP 68 EN 60529
  • Connection Material: Black anodized steel
  • Connection Size: R 1½”
  • Probe Material: Delrin® POM-C EN 10204
  • Box Surface: Electrostatic dust dye RAL6014
  • Weight: 0,8 kg
TeChnical Properties/Working Conditions
  • Surrounding Temperature ( Box ):-20°C.. +60°C
  • Working Temperature: -20°C.. +100°C
  • Minimum Detection Density: 50 g/l
  • Maximum Part Length: 18mm Max.
  • Maximum Mechanic Load: 500N on Side Probe
  • Maximum Stress Force: 0.5kN
  • Maximum Working Pressure: 10 bar
  • Maximum Working Vibration: 5-500Hz RMS random vibration 3G IEC-60068-2-64