Capacitive Level Switch CLS-23

What is Capacitive Level Switch CLS-23?

It's a tiny capacitive level sensor that detects the presence of various liquids. It detects the presence of conductive and non-conductive liquids (water, water solution, cooling liquids, oil, and so on). The magnetic pen included with the product makes it simple to change the sensitivity.

It may be put directly on various containers and tanks due to its compactness and easy construction. S, PNP, and NAMUR output signals (for explosive zones)
High temperature performance and resistance to pressures up to 70 bar. M18, M20, G3/8" or 1/2-14 NPT threads are available for process connections.

Technical Properties:

  • Supply Voltage: 6 ... 30 V DC
  • Supply current:
    P type Output: max. 0.6 / 7 mA (OFF / ON state)
    S type Output: max. 0.6 mA (OFF state)
  • Switched current (min/max)
    P type Output: 100mA
    S type Output: 3.3 mA / 40 mA (Min. / Max.)
  • Residual voltage:
    P type Output:1.8V
    S type Output:6.0V
  • Exit delay: 0.1 sec
  • Protection Class: IP68 (1 Bar)
  • Cable (for cable output performance):
    PVC 2x 0.34 mm2 (3x 0.34 mm2 – P type Outlet) for CLS–23N, NT, Xi, XiT
    CLS–23E Silicone 2x 0.5 mm2
  • Weight:(with 2 m cable and 30 mm electrode)
    CLS-23N, E, Xi : Approx. 45g
    CLS-23NT, XiT :Approx. 190g
    Electrical Parameters for Xi and XiT version
  • Supply Voltage:8...9 V DC
  • Supply Current (Off/On Status) Namur: ≤1 mA / ≥2.2 mA
  • Max. Internal values:Ui=12VDC; Ii=15mA; Pi=45mW; Ci=15nF; Li=10µH
  • Coupling capacity / Electrical power: 44 nF / 250 V AC
  • Typical C < 150 pF/m; L < 0.8 µH/m