Capacitive Level Switch CLS-53N

Capacitive Level Measurement

Capacitive Level Switch CLS 53 is used to monitor the level of various bulk solids (pellets, wood chips, granules, grain, sand, etc.) in various metal and plastic drums, containers, and silos. Sensitivity can be readily adjusted using the magnetic pen included with the capacitive level switch.

The capacitive level meter output is wired directly to the relay circuit or PLC logic unit via two or three wires. The capacitive level switch (CLS-53N-SAC) offers a wide supply voltage range of 20 V - 230 V AC / DC.

Technical Properties:

  • Supply voltage:
    CLS-53N-SAC 20 ... 230 V AC / DC ± 10% 50 ... 60 Hz
    CLS-53N-P (N) 7 ... 36 V DC
  • Switched current:
    CLS-53N-SAC min 4 mA / max. 300mA
    CLS-53N-P (N) Max. 200mA
  • Supply current:
    CLS-53N-SAC: 1.7 mA
    CLS-53N-P (N): 9.0 mA
  • Max. Residual Voltage -
    CLS-53N-SHEET Max. 6.0V
    CLS-53N-P (N) Max. 1.5V
  • Max. Switching frequency: 0.5 Hz
  • Ambient temperature range:-20...+60°C
  • Protection class: IP65
  • Connection cable type: 3 x 1.5 mm2
  • Housing material: PP and PVC-U
  • Weight approx: 130g