Capacitive Level Switch DLS-35

Find Capacitive Level Switch DLS-35 in Turkey

The DLS 35 capacitive level switch detects liquid and solid limit levels.
It may be directly mounted to a variety of containers, silos, tanks, tubes, and warehouses.
• The capacitive level meter is extremely resistant to electromagnetic interference.
• Capacitive level sensor, sensitivity can be easily set using a magnetic pen. • using its quick adjustment mode, the capacitive level sensor may be modified without being installed in the sensor measurement system.
• LED status and function indicator • The capacitive level switch has a variety of electrical connection choices including connectors, cable glands, and protective conductors
• The body and electrode are composed of stainless steel, and it can be used for materials with high precision and stability (r 1.3).

Technical Properties:

  • Supply voltage:7 ... 34 V DC
  • Power consumption: max. 5mA
  • Max. Switching current (PNP, NPN output): 300 mA
  • Residual voltage - ON state :max. 1.5V
  • Sealing resistance (electrode housing) / dialectical strength: 1 MΩ / 200 V DC
  • Coupling capacity (body - power) / dielectric strength: 50 nF / 500 V AC
  • Coupling capacity (electrode-power) / dielectric strength: 47 nF / 500 V AC
  • Protection class:
  • DLS-35-C : IP67
  • DLS-35 -A (B, V, H):IP68
  • Cable (versions with cable output): PVC 3 x 0.5 mm2
  • Resistance Temperature:-40...+200C
  • Ambient temperature range: - 40 ... + 85 °C
  • Weight (excluding electrode and cable): Design N Design NT approx. 0.3kg approx. 0.6kg