ASA Metal Tube Flowmeter

ASA Metal Tube Flowmeter | Instruments for The Measurement

ASA C5/G5, C6/G6 Series Metal Tube Flowmeters are designed from stainless steel. It is designed for all kinds of liquids (model C) and all kinds of gases (model G) and can be used to measure the flow rate of high temperatures, aggressive gases and liquids.

Standard versions do not require electrical supply, so they are suitable for use in places without electricity and in hazardous areas. Since the distance between two flanges is 250mm, it can be installed in very narrow places and does not require a straight distance on the front and back. The microprocessor card provides total flow rate, 4-20mA HART, and profibus feature. And they all feature 2-wire technology. There are also ATEX certified Models.

Technical Properties

  • Outer casing Material: Aluminum.
  • Wet parts: 316 stainless steel
  • Flow Units: L/h, m3/h, kg/h
  • Flow Ranges:
  • Water: 2.5 l/h to 120,000 l/h. (ask for special squala)
  • Air: 0.08 Nm3/h to 1000 Nm3/h. (ask for special squala)
  • Connection types:
  • Flanged type, trip clamp, Threaded Type
  • Connection Diameters: 1/2˝ ~ 4˝
  • Connection Mounting Length: 250 mm, standard (350 mm Exproof)
  • Temperature: 150°C (300°C optional)
  • Protection Class: IP 67
  • Sensitivity: ±1% FS,
  • Maximum Pressure: 40 Bar (100 Bar optional)
  • Optionals:
  • Alarm Output: Switch Output (Micro Switch: 3A/250VAC, 5A/30VDC, 0.4/125VDC
  • Analog Output + Alarm output: ble, 4~20 mA HART 2-wire output + Switch