AFMS-160 S Type Pitot Tube Air Flow Meter

AFMS-160 S Type Pitot Tube Air Flow Meter, Flowmeters

AFMS-160 S Type Pitot Tube Air Flow Meter

High temperature resistance,

Corrosion resistant

Anti-clogging technology

Rapidly convert to data flow rate

Stainless steel, high temperature, corrosion resistant.

Large, open tip design resists contamination

Can be used in harsh environments, exhaust gas emission, environmental protection engineering

eYc pressure to measure the dynamic pressure (ΔP) of the air flow in the pipeline and calculate the wind speed and air volume and temperature

Connect with Differential Pressure Transmitter PHM33 / P064 / P063. ※ PMM/P063 with SD06 display function. Can be customized according to customer needs.

AFMS-160 "S" stainless steel pitot tube is specifically designed for flow dirty air, particle laden air or gas smoke stack and other environmental testing typical flows. Strong and long-lasting durability.
It is designed to measure the flow rate of gas fluid in the chimney and the environment. It prevents soot clogging under severe conditions. Its wide, open-ended design is specially designed and resistant to contamination. It is the perfect solution for monitoring or controlling air velocity or airflow in particle-laden airflows. The function is to measure the local speed of the point, it can be used in technological research, production, environmental protection, mine ventilation and tunnel construction, it is widely used and can also be used to measure the pressure of the liquid.

Technicial Specifications

  • Brand / Origin: eYc-Tech / Taiwan
  • Product Type: AFMS-160S S type Average Pitot Tube
  • Working pressure: Max 10 bar
  • Working temperature: 800°C
  • Measuring medium / coefficient: Air / flow coefficient (K): 0.84
  • Pipe / chimney installation: Pipe type
  • Measuring tube: SUS316
  • Connecting screw: Copper or stainless steel (optional)
  • Installation connection: 3/4 "PT under movable thread 1 ... 12" 1 "PT under movable thread 18 ... 60"
  • Outlet connection: 1/8" G female thread or 1/4" G female thread
  • Length (mm): 25/50/100/150/200/300/450/600/800/1000/1500 mm (Adaptation)