AFMT Average Pitot Tube Air Flowmeter

AFMT Average Pitot Tube Air Flowmeter, Flow Meter Dealer

  • Stainless steel body, high temperature resistant, corrosion resistant, dust resistant

  • Connection with EYc micro differential transmitter PHM33 or PMD33 with multi-function display

  • Measure the dynamic pressure (ΔP) of the air flow in the pipeline if you install SD06 or DPM02

  • It is a great solution to calculate wind speed, air volume and temperature.

  • Applied in harsh environments, exhaust gas emissions, environmental protection engineering and the mounting space is not limited

  • Can be customized according to customer needs

  • AFMT and differential pressure transmitters are frequently used in flow measurement.

With several pressure sensing holes on the AFMT, you can average the flow within the channel and ensure that the straight inlet. The problem occurs in flow measurement where trouble occurs when there is not enough space in it.

AFMT is a probe that we insert into the channel (along with the entire diameter) to measure flow.
When the probe encounters the flow, it detects and receives the average total pressure P1 on the windward side and the static pressure P2 on the windward side.
AFMT then obtains the flow rate by measuring the difference between the total pressure and the static pressure (i.e. the dynamic pressure (∆P) and the average flow rate (V).

Technicial Properties

  • Brand / Origin: eYc-Tech / Taiwan
  • Product Type: AFMT Average Pitot Tube
  • Measuring Fluid: Air
  • Working pressure: Max. 10 bars
  • Operating temperature: Max. 250°C
  • Installation connection: 3/4" PT movable thread under 4 ... 12"
    1" PT movable thread under 18...40"
  • Outlet connection: 1/8" G female thread or 1/4" G female thread
  • Measuring material: Stainless steel 316
  • Connection thread material: Copper or stainless steel (optional)