PTFE 520 Pitot Tube Air / Non-aggressive Gas Flow Meter DMS50

Gas Flow Measurement and Control DMS50

PTFE 520 Pitot tube flow meter It is produced with the latest technology specially for air compressors depending on different pressure technologies. The pitot tube air flow meter, which has an immersion type, 1/2” connection and a compact design, is used in DN25 ~ DN300 pipes. In some high pressure line applications, the field engineer from the Flowmeter system can install and remove the pitot tube flowmeter without stopping the flow. In addition, due to the working principle of the Pitot tube air flow meter, it is not affected by water droplets carried with the air.

In addition, due to the temperature and pressure compensation included in the PTFE 520 pitot tube air flow meter, you can measure standard flow values in the most accurate way without being affected by temperature and pressure changes during the flow measurement phase. You can also see temperature and pressure values on the product screen.


● It communicates with your mobile phone via Bluetooth, thanks to the free application you install on your mobile phone. Thus, you can read the data and make the necessary settings from the mobile phone.
● You can measure dry air or wet air at the compressor outlet
● You can measure Flow, Temperature, and Pressure.
● Wide measurement scale

Technical Properties

  • Fluid: Air and non-corrosive gas
  • Pipe size range: 1"~12" (DN25~DN300)
  • Ambient temperature: -40 ~ 60ºC
  • Ambient humidity: 5 ~ 100%
  • Process connection: 1/2 G insertion with ball valve
  • Pressure rating: 10 barG
  • Liquid temperature: -40~150 150C
  • Wet part material: 304ss/316ss
  • Measured parameter: Flow rate, temperature, pressure
  • Power: 13.5 ~ 32V DC, 150mA max.
  • Communication: RS485 @ Modbus-RTU, Bluetooth
  • Optional Signal Output: 4wire 4~20mA, RS485, Bluetooth
  • Flow Accuracy: ±1.5%RD ±0.3%FS
  • Flow Reproducibility: ±0.5%RD
  • Response time: 1 second