Differential Pressure Type Flow Meter PTF600

PTF600 Differential Pressure Type Flow Meters

Comate's heavy duty designed flow meter for both dry and moist air is the PTF600 Pitot tube flow meter. It incorporates a wide turn down DP transmitter, which guarantees a measuring range of 33:1 and improved stability. It has a distinctive water-proof design that can address the issue caused by water condensing in capillaries.

The PTF600 Pitot tube flow meter can measure standard flow, temperature, and pressure since it features inbuilt temperature and pressure compensation.

PTF600 differential pressure type flow meter characteristics

  • The ability to measure flow rate, temperature, pressure, and FAD
  • Stronger construction is more enduring in challenging measurement environments.
  • 33:1 super-wide turndown is the best available.
  • Fast response times and a wide measuring range
  • Insertion mounting with hot tapping capability
  • mobile application for reading and setting
  • Self-diagnosis and remote diagnosis capabilities are used to deliver the finest support.
  • It is feasible to measure compressed air at the compressor's output for both dry and wet air.

Flowmeter Technical Specifications

  • Fluid compatibility: Dry and wet air
  • Pipe size range: Insertion type: DN25~400mm
  • Inline type: DN15~300mm
  • Different pressure range: 6~6220 Pa
  • Flow Accuracy: 1.0%RD±0.5%FS
  • Ambient temperature: -20~60℃
  • Ambient humidity: 5~100%
  • Process connection: 1/2 G insertion with ball valve
  • Pressure rating: Insertion type :16 barG
  • Inline type: 4 Mpa
  • Fluid temperature: -40~ 120℃
  • Wet part material: 304ss
  • Parameter measured: Mass flow, Volume flow in normal condition,
  • Total flow, Temperature of medium. Velocity
  • Power: 13.5~32V DC,150mA max
  • Communication: RS485@Modbus-RTU, blue tooth
  • Response time: 1 second