Orifice Type Flowmeter Foft

Orifice Flowmeter

Orifice Flowmeters are measure the pressure difference between two plates. Orifice flow meters are used to measure the flow amounts of fluids such as Liquid, Gas and Steam. They are products that guarantee high performance, providing accurate and precise measurement, especially in fluids with difficult conditions. These flowmeters have high pressure and high temperature conditions.

Technical Documentation

Technical Properties

  • Precision : ±% 1
  • Mounting Position : Horizontal and Vertical
  • Output : 4...20 mA +HART
  • Connection : DN40....DN600 wafer type
  • Supply : 12...45 V DC
  • Application Areas: Liquid, Gas, Vapor
  • Temperature: 300°C max. (450 C optional)
  • Protection Class : IP67
  • Transmitter Body : AISI316 SS
  • Body, Connections : Carbonsteel, AISI304 SS
  • Aksesuar : 3 yollu manifold,standart
  • Indicator : Instantaneous or External Instantaneous and Total