1-Wire voltage sensor TSV200-60i

Voltage Measurement Sensor - 1-Ware TSV200-60i

TSV200 is a 1-Wire voltage sensor featuring a digital output and galvanically isolated input. It offers a cost-effective solution for monitoring DC voltage, delivering precise measurements with 10-bit resolution through embedded digital signal processing in a multiprocessor system.

This sensor is well-suited for a range of applications, including power measurement in telco systems (such as the standard -48VDC), solar systems, battery monitoring and control, and industrial automation.

The TSV200 1-Wire voltage sensor communicates through a 1-Wire bus and is uniquely identified by a 64-bit serial number. Multiple sensors can be seamlessly connected on the same 1-Wire bus, thanks to its two RJ11 connectors, allowing for easy daisy-chaining. Voltage measurements are conveniently connected to screwless terminal blocks.

Key Attributes

  • Galvanically isolated input for DC voltage from the 1-Wire interface.
  • 10-bit resolution for precise measurements.
  • Exceptional long-term stability for consistent performance.
  • IP30-rated protection for enhanced durability.
  • Minimal power consumption, conserving energy.
  • Unique 64-bit serial code supports multi-sensor setups.

Potential Applications

  • Monitoring the charge and discharge processes of batteries.
  • Voltage measurement in industrial processes with galvanic isolation.
  • Monitoring voltage output from solar panels.
  • Utilization in telecommunications (telco) systems for voltage measurements.


  • This sensor can be seamlessly integrated with:
    • Ethernet IO module TCW241
    • Ethernet data logger TCW220

Technical Properties

  • Supply voltage range (1-Wire bus): 4.5 to 5.5 V
  • Maximum supply current (1-Wire bus): 40 mA
  • Input DC voltage range: 0 to 60 VDC
  • Resolution: 0.1 V
  • Accuracy: ±2 %
  • Isolation voltage: 1000 VDC
  • Operating temperature range: 0 to +40 °C
  • Operating relative humidity range: 0 to 85 %RH (non-condensing)
  • Dimensions: 85 x 35.1 x 23.5 mm