Fixed Type Ultrasonic Flowmeter

TUF 2000S Ultrasonic Flowmeter

TUF-2000S Constant Type Ultrasonic Flowmeter was designed to measure rate of fluid flows passing from a closed line.Constant type ultrasonic flowmeter does not contact to liquid and are attached on line with clamp.They are not get dirty and and maintenance is not required.Can be used at between DN15 and DN6000 all pipe line.Installation of these are very easy, quick and effortless does not require any modification such as cutting in line and drilling.

TUF-2000S Constant Ultrasonic Flowmeter works according to the transit time principle. Two transducers are available as receive and transmitter. Receive and transmitter transducers are located outside of line due to calculating distance by product.Transducers are located on of the line due to feature of line diameter and liquid as W method, V method, and Z method. Between this two transducers occur a specific sound frequency transmission.

Transmitter transducer sends to sound frequency and this sound frequency is taken by receive traansducer.This frequency signal transmission is provided by fluid in line between receive and transmitter.Transmitter sends signal, receive takes to this signal and as a result, a time difference occurs.This time difference is directly related to speed of fluid.The following formula gives to speed as a result of this relationship.

Sabit Tip Ultrasonik Debimetre TUF 2000S

Θ : Angle in flow direction
M : Ultrasonic signal transmission coefficient
D : Pipe diameter
Tup : Transmission time to signal of first transducer
Tdawn : Transmission time to signal of second transducer
ΔT=Tup –Tdown

Application Areas
  • Treatment Sector
  • Dam and Irrigation Lines
  • Water Distribution Networks of Public and Municipal
  • Wells and Irrıgation Lines
  • Chemical and Petrochemical Lines
  • Food Sector
  • Fuel Sector
  • Measurable to Flow In All Liquid Lines
Technical Documentation
Technical Properties
  • Brand Model: Mitech - TUF2000S
  • Accuracy: % 0.5
  • Repeability: % 0.2
  • Precision: ± % 1 very good
  • Measured Period: 500ms
  • Display: Backlighting LCD Display
  • Analogue Output: 4-20mA, or 0-20mA, Impedance 0..1Kohm Precision 0,1%
  • OCT Output: Frequency Signal (1 – 9999Hz)
  • Role Output: Can be assigned for 20 different signal
  • Analogue Input: 3 Analogue Input and 3 wired PT100 signal input (optional)
  • Other Functions: Automatically 64 days / 64 mounths / 5 years record to total fluid value
  • Measured Pipe Materials: Steel, Stainless steel, cost iron, cement pipe(with specific sensor),
  • Copper , PVC, Aluminum, FRP and pipes have that lineer differnt material.
  • Measured Liquid Types: Water, Sea Water, Industrial Waste Water, acid ve alkali liquids, alchol, oil, and so on.
  • Temperature: -30.....+ 90˚C (-30.....+ 160 ˚C Optional)
  • Speed: ± 32 m/s
  • Pipe Diameter: 15mm – 6000mm
  • Communication Protocol: Modbus, M-Bus, Fuji protokol, and Other Factory Protocol
  • Data Logger: External SD Card (optional)