Portable Ultrasonic Flowmeter

TUF-2000H Ultrasonic Flowmeter | Flow Meter Supplier

TUF-2000H Ultrasonic Flowmeter is designed to measure the velocity of liquid fluids in a closed pipe. Ultrasonic flow meter doesn't contact the liquid and is attached on a line with a clamp. This type of flowmeter does not get dirty and does not require maintenance and also the installations are quick and easy.

Receiving and transmitting transducers are mounted outside the line according to the determined distance between them. Depending on the diameter of the pipe and the characteristics of the liquid, transducers are placed according to one of the W method, V method or Z method.

There is a special sound frequency transmission between the two transducers of the ultrasonic flow meter. The transmitter transducer sends the sound frequency, and the receiver transducer receives this sound frequency. This audio frequency signal is provided by the fluid in the line between the receiver and transmitter. There is a time lag between when the transmitter sends the signal and when the receiver receives it. This time difference is directly related to the speed of the fluid. You can calculate these relationships by the following formula below:

tuf2000h çizelge

Θ : Angle in flow direction

M : Ultrasonic signal transmission coefficient

D : Pipe diameter

Tup : Transmission time to signal of first transducer

Tdawn : Transmission time to signal of second transducer

ΔT=Tup –Tdown

Application Areas

  • Application Areas
  • Treatment Sector
  • Dam and Irrigation lines
  • Water Distribution Networks of Public and Municipal
  • Well and Irrigation Lines
  • Chemical and Petrochemical Lines
  • Food Sector
  • Fuel Sector
  • Measurable to Flow In All Liquid Lines

Technical Documentation

Technical Properties

  • Brand Model: Mitech - TUF2000H
  • Accuracy: % 0.5
  • Repeability: % 0.2
  • Precision: ± % 1
  • Reaction Time: 0-999 second, adjustable by user
  • Speed : ± 32 m/s
  • Pipe Diameter : 15mm – 6000mm
  • Total : 7-digit data for information flow
  • Liquid Types : Almost all liquid
  • Screen : 4x16 character english menu
  • Communication Interface : RS-232,
  • Baud Rate Range : Between 75 - 57600
  • Protocol : made by producer and compatible with FUJI ultrasonic flowmeter
  • Signal Cable Length : Standard 5m x 2, if desired 10m x 2
  • Power Source : 3 AAA internal Ni-H battery. This process will continue for 12 hours when fully charged.
    for recharge 100V -240VAC
  • Data Logger : Internal datalogger can be stored 2000 pieces of datas.
  • Material : ABS
  • Dimension : 210x90x30mm