ULM-70 Ultrasonic Level Transmitter

Dinel ULM-70 Ultrasonic Level Transmitter

  • For level measurement, a Dinel ULM 70 ultrasonic level transmitter is employed.
  • Measured values appear on the display quite soon.
  • Even without a substance to measure, adjustments can be done quickly and easily with the ULM 70 Ultrasonic level transmitter.
  • Due to its ex-proof function, the ATEX-certified ULM 70 can be utilized in hazardous settings such as those with explosions, fires, and other dangers.
  • It has the ability to remove erroneous echo signals.
  • Zone temperature adjustment is a component of it.
  • It includes a 4-20 mA current output and RS-485 MODBUS communication capabilities.
  • It may copy level measuring settings to other devices because of the display module.
  • It is used to monitor the levels of items with foam, large solid particles, and some challenging situations when used with a horn antenna.
  • It sports an OLED display with strong contrast.
  • Advanced sophisticated signal processing is present.
  • Because of the erroneous signal mapping, it has many flaws.
  • It is widely used in the food sector, petrochemical industries, chemical level measurement operations, and water treatment facilities.

Technical Properties:

Measurement Range:
ULM-70-02: 0.15....2Mt.
ULM-70-06: 0.25.....6Mt.
ULM-70-10: 0.4......10Mt.
ULM-70-20: 0.5......20Mt.
Supply Voltage: 18.....36V DC, 18...30 For ULM-70xi
Communication: RS485 MODBUS RTU (Optional)
Analog Output: 4-20mA HART®
Work conditions:
ULM-70-02; 06: -30....+70°C
ULM-70-10; 20: -30....+60°C
Sensor Window: PVDF, Housing PP+HDPE
Outside Sensor: PVDF
Protection Class: IP67
ULM-70-02; 10: <1mm
ULM-70-06: < 2 mm
ULM-70-10: < 2.5mm
Sensitivity: 0.15%
Operating Frequencies:
ULM-70-02: 120kHz
ULM-70-06: 75 kHz.
ULM-70-10: 50 kHz.
ULM-70-20: 50 kHz.
Damping Time: 0....99s
Measurement Period Time: 1...4s
Maximum System Pressure: 0.1MPa
Mechanical Connection:
ULM-70-02: G 1"
ULM-70-06: G 1½''
ULM-70-10: W 2¼''
ULM-70-20: Flange
Sound Cone Angle: 10 degrees at -3 dB
ULM-70-02; 10:10°
ULM-70-06: 14°
ULM-70-20: 12°
Compensation: Heat compensation
Certificates: ATEX Certificate; CE Certificate