ULM 53 Ultrasonic Level Transmitter

High Quality Ultrasonic Level Transmitter

The Dinel ULM 53 Ultrasonic Level Transmitter.

  • Adjusting the measuring distance is possible using buttons or a magnetic pen.
  • Because of the ATEX certification, the ULM 53 ultrasonic level transmitter can be utilized in explosive settings.
  • The current output is 4-20mA, the voltage output is 0-10 volts, and there are RS485 modbus possibilities.
  • When combined with a horn antenna, it can precisely measure the levels of items containing foam, big solid particles, and some tough situations.

Technical Properties:

Measuring Range:
ULM-53-01: 0.1.....1Mt.
ULM-53-02: 0.2.....2Mt.
ULM-53-06: 0.2.....6Mt.
ULM-53-10: 0.4.....10Mt.
ULM-53-20: 0.5......20Mt.
Supply Voltage: 18.....36V DC, 18...30 For ULM-53xi
Communication: RS485 MODBUS RTU (Optional)
Analog Output: 4-20mA, or 0 -10 VDC
Work conditions:
ULM-53-01; 02; 06: -30....+70°C
ULM-53-10; 20: -30....+60°C
Sensor Window: PVDF, Housing PP+HDPE
Outside Sensor: PVDF
Protection Class: IP67
ULM-53-xx: < 1mm
Sensitivity: 0.2%
Measurement Period:
ULM-53-01; 0.2 : 0.5s
ULM-53-06; 10 : 1.2s
ULM-53-20: : 5.0s
Maximum System pressure: 0.1MPa
Mechanical Connection:
ULM-53-01: G 3/4"
ULM-53-02: G 1"
ULM-53-06: G 1½''
ULM-53-10: W 2¼''
ULM-53-20: Flange
Sound Cone Angle: 10 degrees at -3 dB
ULM-53-01; 02; 10:10°
ULM-53-06: 14°
ULM-53-20: 12°
Compensation: Heat compensation
Certificates: ATEX Certificate; CE Certificate