Vibrating Fork Level Switch for Liquid DMS VP

High Quality Vibrating Fork Level Switch for Liquid DMS VP

A mechanical resonance system is used in VP version fork sensors. The sensor's electrical circuitry excites and maintains the mechanical element in resonance. A piezoelectric crystal is subjected to an electrical stimulus. This electrical excitation produces physical deformation of the crystal, resulting in vibration of the probe element at its natural resonance frequency. When there is no material around the fork, the vibration is reduced and recognized by the electronic circuitry. As a result, the relay output and local LED indication change.

Applıcatıon Areas

  • Power plant, ash silo, ash bunker, reservoir, exhaust gas purification tank, fuel tank, etc.
  • Oil field, crude oil or refined oil storage tank, three phase separator, settling tank, sewage tank and etc
  • Chemical industry, distillation tower, ammonia waterank, toxic liquid tank, etc
  • Cement - Stone tank, cement silo, slag storage silo and etc
  • Water treatment, Food, pharmaceutical, environmental protection, paper and other industries.
  • Cement - Stone tank, cement silo, slag storage silo and etc.

Technical Properties:

  • Material of housing: Aluminum Protection class: IP65 Material of probe and thread parts: SUS 304 Process fitting: 1" BSPT / G Operation Voltage: 24VAC, 24VDC, 220VAC, 110VAC Power
  • Consumption: 10mA
  • Output signal: DPDT relay, 220 VAC, 5A; 30 VDC 3A
  • Frequency: 355...365Hz
  • Switching delay: <1.0s
  • Electrical connections: M20x1.5
  • Control indication: Green Power Suply, Red Switching satus
  • Ambient temperature: -30 to +60 C
  • Process temperature: -30...+80°C / +150 °C
  • Process pressure: Max.2.0 MPa
  • Density of medium: more 0.7g/dm3
  • Viscosity of medium: 1.0...10 000 cSt
  • Wetted length: Max. 2000 mm