Vortex Flowmeter

Vortex Flowmeter has a structure called reverse prism pipe. Flow that hitting to this reverse prism takes a structure shape similar to circular auger. Flow frequency continues in case of horizontal augers and is perceived by this sensor. This information is perceived by sensor is converted into flow information interpreted by the electronic structure.

Using Areas
  • Can be used at all flow and gases
  • Vapor Applications
  • Hot Oil
  • Fluid having a high temperature
Technical Documentation
Technical Properties
  • Precision: ±% 1
  • Mounting Position: Horizontal and Vertical (up)
  • Flow Range: Sıvı 1..10, 180..1800m3/H Air 5..50, 1300...12000 m3/H
  • Indicator: Compact or Remote Instantaneous and Total Indicator
  • Output: 4...20 mA
  • Connections: DN20...DN300 PN40 wafer or Flange
  • Supply: 24 V DC
  • Application Areas: Liquid, Gas, Vapor
  • Temperature: 250°C max. (350 °C Optional)
  • Protection Class: IP67
  • Pressure: 40 bar max.
  • Body, Connections: AISI316SS
  • Certificate: Ex(d)