Tilt Level Switch TUBA 1

Small |Tilt Level Switch TUBA 1

The Wired Level Switch is intended to measure tank liquid levels and is tiny enough to fit through 1" holes. When the liquid level reaches the float, its angle changes by +/- 20o, causing the mechanical switch to change position and either send a signal to the system to which it is linked or cut off the system's signal.


  • Easy installation and easy use
  • Level measurement in wells up to 55 meters
  • Ecological level switch (does not contain lead and mercury)

Application areas

  • Level measurement in clean liquids, rainwater, less aggressive liquids (oil, petrol, paint, etc.)
  • It is used for many applications in pump operations.
  • In unloading and filling functions;
  • Overflow and dry running functions
  • High and low level alarms