Infrared Thermometer PIR-1500

Innovative Infrared Temperature Gauge: PIR-1500

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The non-contact infrared thermometer is your go-to tool for temperature checks. It can measure a wide range from -35°C to 1500°C (-31°F to 2732°F) with a 75:1 Distance to Spot (DS) ratio. It even features memory mode to record and display specific measurements with emissivity. Multiple mathematical modes are available for the Infrared function.

Important: Keep it away from children and avoid using it for safety-critical purposes. To check the temperature, simply point the thermometer at the target using the Lens (number 11) and press the Measurement button (number 8). The Distance to Spot ratio is 75:1. The two laser points help determine the target spot size. Ensure the target area is within the thermometer's field of view.

User-Friendly Functions

  • To access additional display functions, press the Mode button (5). This menu displays emissivity data (with a default value of 0.95).

  • Press the Mode button (5) to select modes like Maximum (MAX), Minimum (MIN), Difference between MAX and MIN (DIF), and Average (AVG). While measuring, the special modes reading is shown next to the mode icon.

  • Use the Up button (4) or Down button (2) to adjust the High Alarm (HAL) or Low Alarm (LAL). Confirm the setting by pressing the Measurement button (8). If the reading exceeds these limits, the High or Low icon will flash, accompanied by a beep.

  • When connecting the thermocouple to the Thermocouple socket (7) and placing the probe on the target, the thermometer automatically displays the temperature without the need to press any buttons. To view the minimum or maximum data during the probe measurement, press and hold the Up button (4) or Down button (2).

  • After measuring high temperatures, the probe may remain hot for a while.

  • Note that the thermometer will turn off automatically if left unused for over 60 seconds.

Adding Value: Useful Functions

  • In MAX, MIN, DIF, AVG Mode:

    • Toggle the LOCK mode on or off by pressing the Up button (4). This mode is handy for continuous monitoring, lasting up to 60 minutes.
    • Switch between Celsius (°C) and Fahrenheit (°F) by pressing the Down button (2).
  • In All Modes:

    • Activate or deactivate the backlight function by first holding the Measurement button (8) and then pressing the Lock button (4).
    • Control the laser function by pressing the Celsius/°F button (3).


  1. Avoid looking directly into the laser beam when the device is in use, as it can cause permanent eye damage.
  2. Operate the laser with extreme caution.
  3. Never direct the device toward anyone's eyes.
  4. Ensure the thermometer is kept out of reach of all children.


  • Store the thermometer at room temperature.
  • The sensor lens is the most delicate part and should be kept clean at all times. When cleaning the lens, use only a soft cloth or a cotton swab with water or medical alcohol. Allow the lens to fully dry before using the thermometer.
  • Do not submerge any part of the thermometer in liquid.

The thermometer provides visual alerts for various situations:

  • Displays 'Hi' or 'Lo' when the measured temperature is outside the HAL and LAL settings.
  • Shows 'Er2' when the thermometer experiences rapid changes in ambient temperature.
  • Exhibits 'Er3' when the ambient temperature goes below 0°C (32°F) or exceeds +50°C (122°F). Allow the thermometer to stabilize at room temperature for at least 30 minutes.
  • For errors 5-9 or other messages, the thermometer needs to be reset. Turn off the device, remove the battery, wait for at least one minute, reinsert the battery, and turn it on. If the error message persists, please contact our Service Department for further assistance.

Technical Properties:

  • Non-contact Infrared Scan Function

    • Measurement Range: -35°C to +1500°C
    • Operating Range: 0°C to 50°C
    • Accuracy: ±2% of reading or 2°C
    • Emissivity Range: 0.1 to 1.0 (Default 0.95)
    • Response Time: 1 second
    • Distance to Spot Ratio (D:S): 75:1
    • Memory: 24 detailed memories with Temperature & Emissivity
    • Battery Life: Minimum 14 hours of continuous use (Alkaline, without Laser and Back Light)
    • Dimensions: 204.14 x 179.19 x 58.40mm
    • Weight: 355g including 2 AAA batteries
  • Thermocouple Probe Scan Function

    • Measurement Range (K type): -64°C to +1400°C
    • Measurement Range (Bead): -50°C to +250°C
    • Accuracy: ±1% of reading or 1°C














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