Thermal Mass Air and Non-Aggressive Gas Flowmeter DMS 200

Effective Thermal Air Gas Flowmeter DMS200

DMS200 series is a product that provides reliable and excellent results in thermal mass flow meter technology for measuring the flow rate of dry air, nitrogen and other non-aggressive gases. It is designed for mass and standard flow measurement for small lines in laboratories and general industries.

Technical Properties

  • Brand / Model Dimens
  • Fluid Compatibility Air, Nitrogen and other Non-Aggressive Gases
  • Analog Output 4-20mA,
  • Pulse Output Frequency
  • Digital Output RS485 Modbus RTU, Bluetooth
  • Accuracy ± (1.5% of measured value, full scale + 0.3%)
  • Sampling Time < 160 mSec..
  • Supply Voltage 10- 35V DC
  • Protection Class IP 54
  • Temperature Measurement Range -20…100°C
  • Display LCD Mass flow, Normal or Standard Volumetric Flow, Total flow, Temperature
  • Pressure, Speed
  • Pressure 1.6MPa
  • Line Diameter 8mm - 50mm(1/4" - 2")
  • Repeatability 0.3% of Reading
  • Housing Material Aluminum alloy (304SS and 316SS optional)
  • Flow Velocity Range 0.3~30Nm/s or 0.6~60Nm/s or 0.9~90Nm/s or 1.2~120Nm/s