Thermal Mass Gas Flow Meter DMS450


DMS450 Thermal mass flow meters are specially designed devices for compressed air, oxygen gas and nitrogen. The DMS45 mass air flow meter provides accurate, reliable, high precision and high stability measurement at an economical cost. Thermal air flow meter has a compact design and can be used very easily in a limited area and in high pressure pipes with the appropriate probe model.


● 0.3 m/sec. It measures flow rates at very low flow rates.
● 1:100 Lower limit upper limit measurement ratio
● Specially designed for air, nitrogen and oxygen measurement in pressurized lines.
● Pulse, 4-20mA HART, RS485 Modbus Outputs are available.
● Easy installation under high pressure
● Possibility to remove and install the thermal mass flowmeter without stopping the line during the installation phase
● 2 lines LCD Display
● Direct mass flow measurement. It does not require pressure and temperature compensation.
● Almost zero pressure loss due to no moving parts

Technical Properties

  • Type: DMS450
  • Mounting Type: Immersion Type
  • Fluid Compatibility: Air, Nitrogen, O2, CO2, Argon, CH4, Natural gas, biogas and almost all dry and clean air
  • Pipe diameter: DN25~400mm
  • Flow rate range: 0.3~30Nm/h or 0.6~60Nm/h or 0.9~90Nm/h or 1.2~120Nm/h
  • Sensitivity: 0.5% RD + ±1.5% FS
  • Ambient temperature: -40 ~ 150°C
  • Ambient pressure: 1.6MPa
  • Power supply: AC85 ~ 265V or DC13.5 ~ 42V
  • Response Time: 1 second
  • Signal Output Frequency: + pulse + 4 ~ 20Ma as standard
  • Communication: RS ~ 485 standard, 4 ~ 20mA @ HART, Bluetooth
  • Display Values: Mass flow, Volume flow under normal conditions, Total flow, Ambient temperature. speed
  • Protection Class: IP65