Portable Ultrasonic Flow Meter (With Inner Printer)

Portable Ultrasonic Flow Meter | With Inner Printer

Ultrasonic Flowmeters are flow meters who measure the flow rate of liquids passing through the pipe by connecting it to the pipe externally with a clamp.
Since no operation is performed on the pipes during the measurement phase, it does not cause pressure loss, that's why it does not require maintenance and is very easy to install.

Since there is a printer on it, the measured values ​​are easily sent to the printer and also the output can be added to the test report or submitted to the requesting institution.

Technical Properties

  • DMS-200PRT
  • Display: 2 lines x 20 characters LCD with backlight
  • Ambient temperature: -25–60 °C
  • Printer: Mini thermal printer with 24 lines of character output
  • Keypad: 4x4 + 2 push keypad
  • Communication Interface: RS-485 interface
  • Ultrasonic Sensor Options:
  • TS-1: small size transducer (magnetic) for pipe size: DN15-100mm, liquid
  • temperature ≤160°C
  • TM-1: medium size transducer (magnetic) for pipe size: DN50-1000mm, liquid
  • temperature ≤160°C
  • TL-1: Large size transducer (magnetic) for pipe size: DN300-6000mm, liquid
  • temperature ≤160°C
  • Liquid Types: Water, sea water, acid, various oils, etc. All liquids that can transmit sound waves.
  • Measurable Flow Rate Range: 0- ± 30m/sec
  • Precision: better than ±1%
  • Power supply: Built-in rechargeable Ni-MH battery (for 20 hours of operation) or AC 220 V